Our Company

Our staff is formed by professionals on business, computer science, marketing and web design, brought together with the sole purpose to create an innovative option for those renting or selling properties, to advertise and search using the amazing features of our user friendly database. Internet is becoming an useful tool for all real estate related activities and we believe it is the method that offers greater possibilities as we go deeper in this technology century.

Our service What we offer is a virtual tour of properties, from the confort of your office or home place, to all those looking forward to rent or buy properties in Costa Rica.

Our Clients are people like you, renting or buying properties in Costa Rica. Through our service you have the opportunity to reach thousands of potencial customers, who have already make a preselection browsing our ads with pictures and detailed descriptions.

Why should you use our service?:

We are not middlemens,we connect owners with potencial clients

Target foreign audiences; Our marketing departments has the task of promoting your ad in major and secondary search engines, forums, web rings, in many countries and many languages.

Don't pay huge comissionsour prices are reasonable

We do it all! Our agents goes to you, we take the pictures, gather all the information and 24 hours later your ad is online.

EfectiveYou are showing your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to customers all over the globe, avoiding the cost of creating and promoting your own web ad.

Just click here in order to obtain more details in how to benefit from our service, or just call us: ++(506)588 0662 - (506) 588 0663